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If you have been feeling alone, in need of more social interaction, perhaps you have made the intentional decision to reach out, and expand social contacts. Most people learn how to relate in the early home environment through a process of trial and error that becomes embedded in programmed habits.

It is assumed that people know how to get along, and the fine art of genuine and fulfilling connection is generally taken for granted.

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But, when we stop to consider the amount of conflict in the personal, social and global domains, humans appear to be hitting the wall in the mistaken notion that peace can be found in the fight. Overall, Jupiter in Libra is encouraging an upgrade in relationship skills. Everyone on the planet is being called to task in this area of relating, but especially citizens of the United States.

As Jupiter begins its direct phase on June 9, it exactly joins Saturn in the United States astrology chart. This is part of the country's original intent to uphold law and order, and demonstrate the legitimacy of democracy through justice and fairness for each citizen.

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Typically, these matters have been left to experts, those trained in law, but current trends show the entire country is getting a chance to receive an upgraded lesson on the democratic process. One more interesting note on Jupiter in Libra.

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Jupiter entered Libra last September. Trump's astrology chart shows three planets in Libra. This planetary transit gave Trump the boost of popularity needed to rise to power. Emboldened and righteous by this win, he has continued to take risky steps for expansion of his agenda.

The astrology charts of Trump and Putin show numerous planetary connections. Not only is Putin a Libra, but he has three planets in Libra. Thus, we see this relationship playing out on the world stage in terms of mutual admiration. However, the spell will break by autumn as Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. As disclosure and exposure mount over the summer months, Putin will wise up.

There are just too many complications for this Russian leader.

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Similar to Trump, he craves admiration and attention on the global stage. As Putin's agendas are revealed publicly, and his involvement in nefarious and questionable activities comes to light, he will attempt to distance himself from the administration. For all his boasting, not only does Putin need to hide in the shadows, but he prefers to remain an enigma. Speaking of mesmerizing glamour and illusive spells, Neptune orbits at fourteen degrees Pisces throughout June, and stations retrograde on June Neptune has played a significant role over recent years.

Its influence tends to cast doubt and cloud reality. While there are many instances of this Neptune influence, the question of news, fake or real, remains in limbo. As Neptune pauses, its influence tends to be spell binding or spell breaking. People may be facing the contrast of numbing denial, and radical waking up aliveness. It's a choice. As the month rolls out, there is a distinct change in mood. On June 4, Mars enters the zodiac sign of Cancer. Just like the seaside crab that instinctively scurries to safety, this is a pulling back and turning within reflex.

More than likely, most people will feel a need to return to their roots. This can take many forms, but there may be an urge to spend more time at home alone, or perhaps connect with close family and friends. Home improvements, and landscaping projects can benefit. The zodiac energy of Cancer the Crab becomes even more prominent as the month unfolds, furthered by the Sun's entrance into Cancer on Summer Solstice. In tandem, Sun and Mercury enter Cancer on June As the lightest and longest day of the year, solstice is a time for celebration, and raising of consciousness. Our Sun radiates pure life essence as Mercury, messenger of the gods, interprets and translates experience into understanding and wisdom.

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This particular solstice is powerfully charged with insight for those tapping into guidance. Closely following the solstice, a New Moon initiates a new 28 day cycle in the late evening of June Along with Mars transiting through the zodiac sign of Cancer, the universal themes of safety and security tend to dominate awareness on the personal, national and global levels. Home, family and tribe is the sustaining foundation of daily life for each human. Between the refugee crisis and other humanitarian disasters, the vital importance of addressing and meeting basic needs is poignant and intense.

This New Moon is ideal for contemplating and taking action on what can bring more stability in your immediate life circumstances. This includes the outer home, location and environment, as well as the inner domain of emotions and instinctual response. Like the crab, some people carry their home upon their back, and can adapt easily to environments.

Other people may put their focus on creating and sustaining harmony in their immediate surroundings. On the psychological level, this New Moon is excellent for healing the inner child, and emotional reprogramming. Astrology for the final week of June shows Mercury, the communicator, activating a planetary alignment called a T-square.

We will see people alert, defensive, perhaps loudly proclaiming and complaining. With the predominant Cancerian energy, many people will be more attuned to their needs. Feeling safe, physically and emotionally, is a basic human drive. In this sense, we may see individuals and groups hitting the wall of limitation, on the defense, pressured to take steps to better their circumstances. This breakthrough week continues into early July. A T-square is considered a challenging planetary alignment, whereby easy solutions are hard to come by.

It is similar to standing at a crossroads and feeling forced to make a decision without the benefit of hindsight. In many cases, it becomes an impasse that can only be waited out.

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In the meantime, attempting to force a solution in a very complex and multifaceted situation can only exacerbate problems. Speaking to the current political conditions, this T-square involves Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. Jupiter entered a tense square with Pluto last November. This planetary combination continues to expose arrogance, privilege, extravagance, and larger than life power plays. It is a watershed moment as secrets are exposed. The affect of Mars can range all the way from minor irritability to explosive rage, and destructive acts.

More than likely, some type of crisis on the national or international front will have long term repercussions. These are days for caution, vigilance, and circumspection in personal affairs.

Mercury brings awareness, and Mars catalyzes action. Circumstances come to a boiling point, and the need to make deliberate decisions, and keep one's cool is paramount. Events are happening outside the individual's control, and there will be a wide variety of responses to the stress.

On every level, individually, nationally and globally, humanity is in the midst of major turmoil. In this crisis of ethics and conscience, Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down the very institutions that society relies upon.

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It is essential to remember that every breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown. The tide is turning in the oceanic currents of belief, ideology, meaning and purpose. As the new age of Aquarius dawns, we will find salvation in our common humanity. As the Sun transits through Gemini and Cancer skies, June is a month to pay attention, and refine relationship skills.

Gemini encourages speaking as well as listening. Cancer encourages empathy in the face of human fallibility and frailty. In this year of reckoning, the sooner humanity links up with positive and life enhancing solutions, the better. There is no time like the NOW. April Taurus New Moon April 26 am. Mercury Retrograde April 9 — May 3. The planetary picture for April presents a rare combination of influences similar to having one foot on the gas pedal, and one foot on the brake.

Typically, it is part of human nature to maintain control over life events. In the rush and pressure to take charge and move forward, there is a tendency to willfully force personal agendas. Truly, destiny has a life of its own, unfolding despite personal needs, wants and desires.

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From the standpoint of astrology, planetary retrograde cycles have a purpose. Retrograde planets signal a time to pause, review and reset one's inner compass. During April, this essential process is very evident as three planets, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, begin a retrograde phase.