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With Virgo season upon us from August 23 through September 22, our resident astrologer Chani Nicholas offers a horoscope for each zodiac sign.

How Your Zodiac Sign Changes Over Time (And How It Affects Your Life)

Welcome, Virgo Season! A practical earth sign, Virgo is fixated on getting things to work. Under this influence, efficiency is romantic and organization is a turn-on.

When something is out of whack, Virgo will know how to get it back in place. When life feels chaotic, Virgo will tidy up.

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Virgo is also known for being fussy, and while this may be how the sign manifests in some, it's real aim is the intelligent flow of energy. To streamline is divine. When things are in order, healing happens much more easily.

VIRGO - Time To Plant New Seeds - Seeds Of Change - Horoscope Tarot - September 2016

And so does success. When Virgo wants to make something happen, it manifests an almost superhuman capacity to work until it is so. As the last part of August and the first part of September unfold, the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all move through the busy fields of Virgo.

That number of planets moving through a sign results in a heavy emphasis on the sign's traits—and ini this case, that means that work and how we do ours will become a major focus in our lives. As the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars move through Virgo, they each create relationships with Uranus, planet of innovation; Saturn, planet of discipline; and Pluto, planet of transformation. This set-up encourages us all to work in ways that are efficient and sustainable—so the the long-lasting changes we need to make can take place.

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Virgo Season supports your most innovative ideas for your work projects. The more you believe in your vision, the clearer it becomes. Trust your instincts. Virgo Season sets you up for positive changes. Virgo Season encourages you to clean out the clutter in your home. Open up the closet doors that rarely get cracked. The focus this month is on minimizing excess and freeing up your energy. Virgo Season will help you focus on the practical use of your days.

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This moment in time also teaches you how to get your ideas across to the masses. Virgo Season wants you to beat your personal best.

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Your financial situation is begging for a breakthrough, and how you make a living is undergoing changes. This is your time to shine, Virgo. Your season is staked with cosmic support, assisting you to make big, yet sustainable changes. Slow relief in tax hurdles so take care of your paper work. Prospects of higher education through distance learning.

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Try to be punctual at work place. Follow a daily work routine to prevent your personal life from being affected by work. Stay patient, delay in expected results is foreseen. Year West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

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